Rubix Dental

Online Reviews

Online reviews

Rubix collects feedback from patients after their appointments for your office.  This can be used to improve your online reputation by requesting patients to post online reviews on Google, Yelp, HealthGrades and other places.


Emails for request for feedback are sent automatically after a patient has left an appointment.  The email goes out the following day and asks if the patient how likely they would refer your practice to a friend on a scale of a 1 – 10.

Not annoying

If a patient has came in multiple times in a 30 day period then they are going to get one email.

Easy to collect feedback

The moment the patient clicks on a score from 1 – 10 the data is stored and ready for you to view on your dashboard under the headling “Online Reviews”.  After clicking the patient is directed to a one question survey to collect additional feedback.  That feedback is stored internally for you to review.

Public facing review sites

After the patient has clicked on 7 – 10 they are displayed with the option to post public feedback on a variety of forums of the practice’s choosing.  This is a good way to focus on one increasing the number of reviews on a particular site.  For example, if you only have one HealthGrades review you can only show patients the HealthGrades link in the follow up question page.

Unsubscribe options

Email are sent to patients who have not unsubscribed to previous requests for review or have unsubscribed from appointment reminders.