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Local search for dentists

Local search for dentists

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More and more online repositories are offering to store contact information for your business. This usually consists of a short biography, address, phone numbers, pictures and social media accounts.

Most you can create an account and request ownership of the business. Once you have ownership of the business you can update the contact information and available hours. While you should fill out the profiles of the major sites there are third party services such as yext that will update all the sites for you. When you sign up they will charge you every month. If you just make one update you can cancel after the first payment.

Sites like Google will allow users to upload pictures of the business. This is a good way to get a jump on the competition. As a dentist you only have to compete with a handful of other businesses. So make sure that you have the dentist local search checklist completed.

Make sure there are no duplicate locations for your business. When you have a duplicate you open yourself for the possibility of having the wrong hours or the wrong address which cause customers go to the wrong location at the wrong time.

Another reason to own your local profile and keep only one open is that you don’t want to split your reviews across two profiles. The amount of profiles will be on half and the search engine will not show the right profile half of the time.

Once you accept ownership of the profile you can select what pictures are shown. The pictures that are shown in the search results are important as this will be the first impression that most people will have. Like it or not first impressions are very important.

Google and Facebook are starting to show 360 photos which are the same used in virtual reality. A virtual reality tour is the best first impression as it offers an immersive experience.

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