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End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

Why the end of the year?

The end of year is when most insurance benefits expire.  After summer, when most parents get their children in for dentist appointments, it’s a great time to start a new marketing campaign to round out appointments in the fall by sending a end of year dental benefits letter.  A lot of people delay much needed dental work until a good time fits their schedule, but sometimes that never happens.  The patients’ email address that you have saved in your practice management system of choice is an effective way to remind your patients that their benefits will expire.  Most plans have an annual maximum of anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 that expires at the end of that benefit year.  The majority of insurance plans choose January 1st as the plan year begin and end to coincide with taxes.

end of year dental benefits letter

End of year dental benefits letter

The Cost of Sending Out an End of Year Dental Benefits Letter…

If you are like most dental offices, then you may find yourself printing out letters and address labels by the hundreds…then licking that stamp and placing it on each letter one by one.  If you were to send out 1,000 letters it would cost you around $600 on an annual basis on stamps, envelopes and paper alone.  Instead of having to spend all that time and money, use Rubix Dental’s software to automatically send out the end of year insurance benefits information to the email address of your patients listed in your practice management system.

End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

Good end of year insurance benefit letters can be found on the internet if you search for the right keywords.  Below are a few good ones that we have found.  Please add comments if you have any other good ones to share.  All email marketing through Rubix Dental’s can be customized to void of any our branding and showcase yours.

Gary Takacs has a good sample available on his website at

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