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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters

Rubix Dental helps your office do more elective dentistry by educating your patients about the newest services, financing programs and technology that you’ve implemented to improve their dental care.


When you install the Rubix agent on your computer, your patients will be setup automatically for email newsletters campaigns from the data within your practice management system. This means you will not have to do any manual uploading of spreadsheets or adding email addresses one by one.

Content library

Email newsletters are already created for you from smaller articles from within our content library. The content library is updated frequently and included for you to use at no extra cost.


Rubix email newsletters can be setup to be sent out monthly or quarterly on an ongoing schedule. You can set it up and forget about it. We will send you a preview of the newsletter so you can make any changes or add an extra snippet.

Opt out

Patients can opt out of future newsletters by unsubscribing.

Mobile friendly

No need to worry about how your emails look on several email clients. The explosion of devices and email clients has created an insane challenge. From 2010 to 2015, email opens on mobile devices increased by 30%. Our email newsletters are mobile friendly and can be viewed on different sized devices.