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Dental Practice Management Software

Dental Practice Management Software

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Automated Dental Practice Management Software Sync

Send appointment reminders to your patients without having to export the schedule by integrating with your existing dental practice management software. works in the background to send appointment reminders to patients who have not confirmed. A dental office can schedule reminders and a confirmation messages to go out. “We used to spend anywhere from one to three hours a day sending out postcards and calling patients to remind them about their upcoming appointments. Now reminders go out without any action on our part.” Lauri Cline, Briarcliff Dental.

Automatic confirmations

Allow patients to confirm the appointment through email, text message or a phone call and will update Eaglesoft to mark the appointment as confirmed without a member of your front office staff lifting a finger. Once a patient confirms, no future confirmations will go out.

Near real time

Other solutions can send appointment reminders, but require you or your staff to go through several steps to export the scheduled appointments each day. reads your appointments every 10 minutes to get the most updated schedule. Other solutions can go as long as only syncing every 24 hours.

Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft

Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft dental practice management software is chosen by many dental offices to schedule patients, process insurance claims, and manage patient charting. When an office schedules a new patient, their phone number, email, address are stored as well as their communication preferences. Rubix Dental’s now has the ability to read the appointment and patient contact information and stay in sync to send out appointment reminders, patient recalls and newsletters.

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