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Dental Marketing With Virtual Reality

Dental Marketing With Virtual Reality

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dental marketing with virtual reality

virtual reality sensorama

Virtual reality is starting to appear in mainstream media. While it used to be a fad only seen in video games, sites are starting to implement forms of dental marketing with virtual reality. Video games have made the path for virtual reality software and hardware to become cheaper and more affordable for businesses to use.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets have been around for almost fifty years since the introduction of Morton Heilig’s Sensorama. In the 2000s a group at the University of Southern California started working on virtual reality to help people who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

One of the staff fell in love with virtual reality and started a Kickstarter for the newest version of VR headsets. It was so successful that the headset caught the eye of Facebook. They recently made a splash in the news when they acquired Oculus for $2 billion.

Virtual Reality Modern Use

As the headsets have became more prevalent in today’s tech landscape use of virtual reality headsets have started appearing.

Dental Marketing With Virtual Reality

The majority of new patients who are not referred to a dental practice will find a dentist through an internet search for your practice based on the distance from your office to their house or place of work. Local search has changed through the years but the basics of it have remained the same, a small amount of contact information and a few pictures. Google has started allowing 360 pictures to be uploaded as profile pictures. 360 photos can be viewed with a virtual reality headset or embedded in the browser and scrolled to look around in an immersive experience.

A dentist office with carefully chosen images and virtual reality tours will capture more traffic as users will see the 360 icon and be more engaged before ever entering the door.

A virtual reality tour will reduce any surprises when they first enter the office and make the new patient acquisition process more easier.

dental marketing with virtual reality

virtual reality lakebrink dental tour

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