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Demandforce competitors

Demandforce competitors

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Comparing Demandforce Competitors

Rubix Dental’s is one of a few Demandforce competitors.  When we migrate a customer from Demandforce it can be for a variety of reasons.


Demandforce is one of the more costly patient communication systems.  Rubix Dental has positioned to be more cheap in comparison.  As a dentist or office manager, you have a responsibility to make wise financial decisions.  These decisions include computer system purchasing.  When you make a purchase, you are purchasing a software system to solve problems so that you can focus on what you do best.


Appointment reminders

At the core of a solid patient communication system like, is the ability to send appointment reminders on a schedule of your choice in a manner that makes the messages appear like the office manager is sending them with out the help of a computer.

Not all Demandforce competitors can send post cards

Post cards are still needed for appointment reminders

Messages can be customized to be sent at any time frame.  And messages can come in the form as a text or sms, email, phone call or postcard.  Not all Demandforce competitors can send postcards or make phone calls.

64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011.

If you have patients with no email or phone number on file, then you will need to send them a postcard.  If the system can not send a postcard in an automated fashion then the system is not completely automated.


In the past few years Demandforce has changed hands, not once but twice.  Rubix Dental has remained in the same hands and followed the same vision: To help dentists give the best care they can to their patients.  When making a large transition between companies there is a lot of things in the background happening.  When those things are going on in the background, development on the product is at a standstill.  When development is at a standstill, bugs go on noticed and enhancement requests fall on death ears.  Choose Rubix Dental, one of the Demandforce competitors who is always working to keep the dental offices best interests at hand.


To make more money and reach more clients some Demandforce competitors are moving out to other industries outside of dental.  While this may help their bottom line, it does not help your dental office.   A dental office has problems that an auto shop may not have.  When choosing one of the Demandforce competitors, be sure to look to see how many industries they service.

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