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Appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and free up valuable time and resources by automating appointment reminders and confirmations


Send appointment reminders to your patients without having to export the schedule. Rubix Dental works in the background to send appointment reminders to patients who have not confirmed. A dental office can schedule reminders and a confirmation messages to go out.

Automatic confirmations

Allow patients to confirm the appointment through email, text message or a phone call and Rubix Dental will update your Practice Management System to mark the appointment as confirmed without a member of your front office staff lifting a finger. Once a patient confirms, no future confirmations will go out.

Multiple Media Types

There are several ways that you get ahold of your patients and Rubix Dental can send them all.  While email and text messages are the most common choice of messaging types, you also have the ability to send out postcards and phone calls.

Flexible Messaging Schedule

Control when reminders and confirmation messages go out and through what media type.  For example, the default schedule is:

Template Days before Primary Secondary
Reminder 30 Email Text
Confirmation 14 Text Email
Confirmation 7 Text Email
Confirmation 3 Text Email
Reminder 1 Text Email

Do you want confirmations to only start at 7?  You can change it!  Do you want postcards at 30 days out instead of a text if the patient does not have email?  You can change it!

Two Way Sync

When you install the Rubix agent on your computer, your data is automatically synced to our server for messaging to go out.  When a patient confirms that they will be at an appointment through a text message then that confirmation is automatically updated back in your Practice Management System without you having to lift a finger.

Family Messages

When a family schedules an more than one appointment for the same day, only one message will go out containing the times for all appointments.  This way the responsible party only has to confirm the appointments once.